CSR Activities

What is Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?

“Travel is one of the most powerful tools for promoting peace and cultural understanding”

Corporate social responsibility is no longer a vanity project for companies. It has become a dire priority for business leaders all over the world. CSR has evolved to embrace not only ethical, but also non-commercial esponsibilities of businesses in relation to the society they conduct business in.

CSR implies the need for businesses to contribute to the communities and markets that have made them successful; consequently, companies must consider the wellbeing of society in addition to their oncerns for owners, investors and shareholders.

Lords CSR drives

When it comes to CSR, We strongly echo the international sentiment of following the hierarchy of -- people (society), planet (environment) and then economics (profit).

We organize local drives in our communities to improve the quality of life. With a long list of initiatives such as cleanliness drives, blood donor camps, and environmental conservation, we constantly initiate activities to add value to the society we are part of.

We strongly take oath to operate responsibly with our expanding global presence.

We take measured steps in integrating sustainability across our value chain and implement ideas to mitigate climate-related risk and reduce our environmental impacts.

Blood-Donation Camp at Top 3 Lords Resort Bhavnagar

Chowpatty cleaning near Lords Eco Inn - Dwarka

Feeding Homeless Children at Jammu - Grand Plaza Lords Jammu

Tree Plantation at Lords Inn Jodhpur

Tree Plantation at Revival Lords Inn, Vadodara

Womens day celebration at Lords Plaza Surat