Our experience of over a decade in the hospitality industry has won us accolades for innovation and delivery of consistent top class service. This has helped us fuel our growth as an organization.

Under Lords Hotels, we have set out to operate under all three competitive market segments; full service hotels, Inns, and true value hotels.

Our organization has a core team of high caliber members with expertise and experience in the industry, which has driven us and the brand performance.

In a modern, electronically connected world, an organization's strength is defined by it's technical team which can scale operations on a daily basis. We are blessed to have developed an ensemble of highly experienced, talented stakeholders who continue to drive our success.

Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, products, and operating systems have enabled us to gain a definitive edge over competitors in a vastly dynamic industry.

What we have earned

  • ● A robust organizational core
  • ● Extensive regional reach
  • ● High brand recall
  • ● Experience in handling a variety of hotel segments

What we offer

  • ● High level technical assistance
  • ● Extensive network in landscaping and lighting
  • ● Expertise in kitchen and dining planning
  • ● Assistance in architecture (for both Greenfield and Brownfield projects)
  • ● Interior procurement (for both Greenfield and Brownfield projects)
  • ● Structural engineering (for both Greenfield and Brownfield projects)
  • ● A robust training culture
  • ● Proven SOPs and training manuals
  • ● A strong engineering and support team

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