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Most captured monument in past 200 years - Hawa mahal is an architectural miracle to be mesmerized from. What is so special about Hawa mahal that it is one of the top attractions in Jaipur? As the name suggests Hawa mahal, this palace of breeze comprises 953 windows also known as Jharokhas.


What is Unique About Hawa Mahal


One of the top attractions in Jaipur, Hawa Mahal exhibits a magnificent combination of Islamic, Mughal, and Rajput architectural traditions. Its fluted pillars, flower embellishments, lotus motifs, and domed canopies all showcase the opulent Rajput architecture. The elaborate arches and stone filigree work, both of which are influenced by Islamic architectural design, balance these components.


Museum of Hawa Mahal


A superb collection of antiques, weaponry, and other objects used by the royals are on exhibit in an archaeological museum that is housed in the courtyard of the Hawa Mahal. The museum, which was founded in 1983, will provide you with some insight into the area's regal past.


Important exhibits include arrowheads, fish hooks, clay objects, a storage vessel from the second century, and more.


History of Hawa Mahal


The history of Hawa Mahal goes back to 1799 and Maharaja Sawai Pratap singh who was a Kachwaha Rajput ruler. The maharaja was so inspired by the Khetri Mahal's architecture in Jhunjhunu, Rajasthan, that he chose to model his own palace after it. That inspiration led to the creation of the Hawa Mahal, also known as the Palace of Breeze.


Lal Chand Ustad created this five-story building as an addition to the City Palace. The Hawa Mahal continues to the women's quarters, or zenana, beginning at the edge of the City Palace. The Purdah rule was severely observed in those days, and Royal Rajpur women were not permitted to appear in public or even show their faces to outsiders. The 953 windows in the palace allowed them to observe the daily events and celebrations taking place on the street below without having to be seen.


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