exquisite places to visit in panchgani: nature, mountains, water & more.

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Magnificent mountains, lush greenery, and forests with a cool breeze are always the first places to relax, feel refreshed, and rejuvenated. Mumbai is where bustling infrastructure, buildings, roads, vehicles, and the busiest environment make your plan for a long trip during the weekend getaways. “The Land of Five Hills” is the absolute location to eliminate all your stress and experience a thrilling adventure. Panchgani is located near Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra and it is 265 kms away from Mumbai. 


Five hills is the literal meaning of the word Panchgani, and it was found by the British as a great place to spend your summer vacation. The climate and scenery here are year-round delights, with lush foliage and breathtaking scenery filling the air, and the environment is clean and uncontaminated. In Panchgani, you'll be treated to a stunning vista of the Krishna River. Incredible views of the Krishna River and lush greenery are awe-inspiring at any time of year.


We are going to give you a thrilling experience of the most exquisite places to visit in Panchgani, which you will love to explore once in your lifetime.


Kate’s Point:


The name defines it as one of the famous viewpoints in Maharashtra. Kate's Point is located 15 kms away from Panchgani. Tourists can enjoy the incredible view of the Balakwadi valley and the Dhom Dam. Kate's point is one of the exquisite places where you can have beautiful clicks. Other than Kate's point, you can also experience the same at Needlehole point. 

An elephant's head point:


The Elephant's head point is located at the end of Lodwick Point. The end of the cliff looks like the head of an elephant, which is the most attractive spot in Mahabaleshwar. Besides the extreme weather conditions, the entire mountain range is covered with lush greenery that gives you a cool breeze and more relaxation. The location is 7 km away from Mahabaleshwar in Maharashtra. Your heart will never miss a spot like Elephant's Head Point whenever you visit Panchgani.


Table Land, Panchgani:


The TableLand plateau is the highest point in Panchgani, with a height of 4500 meters above sea level, and TableLand is Asia's second longest plateau of the mountain. Sunrise and sunset times are the exact times to enjoy the jaw-dropping beauty of the plateau, a mountain covered with greenish beauty. You can enjoy activities like horse riding, mini train rides, trekking, and many more in this place. Bluebonnet miniatures surround the base of the plateau.


Kaas Plateau:


The Kaas Plateau is one of the biodiversity hotspots recognized by UNESCO as a world heritage site. The plateau is covered with the colorful beauty of butterflies, flowers, and lakes. The plateau is located at 1200 meters above sea level, and the flora covers over 1000 hectares of the reserved forest range on the Kaas plateau. To preserve the beauty of the Kaas plateau, only limited tourists are allowed once a day. If you don't want to miss this paradise, you must book your spot early before visiting the place. The months of August, September, and October are the best choices to cherish the beauty of colorful butterflies and lush greenery.


Venna Lake:


You have seen natural lakes and their cherishing beauty, but the Venna lake is an artificial lake with mind-blowing places to experience. This lake is perfect for water sports, including fishing and boating. The Venna lake's appearance does not look like an artificial lake due to its location, which is 2 kms away from Mahabaleshwar city. 

The Konkan region is naturally a lush, vegetative habitat where you can see mountains, lakes, forests, and many more. The tourism of Panchgani does not end with the places mentioned above, and there are more places you can experience all around the Panchgani-Mahabaleshwar region. Lords Hotel & Resorts is one of the best hotels in Panchgani, where your experience of nature, luxury, and feelings of relaxation is overwhelming. Your heart will not leave this place until you have fully experienced the stunning beauty of Panchgani.


Exquisite Places To Visit In Panchgani: Nature Mountains Water & More.,


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