Tourist Attractions In Dahej

Nestled in the bustling town, Lords Hotel Dahej is a convenient place to enjoy the local ambience near numerous tourist locations.
Bharuch Fort

Bharuch Fort 45 Km

Bharuch Fort

Dahej Port

Dahej Port 02 Km

Dahej ports are vital players in managing various cargo and supporting industrial operations. Because of its well-connected infrastructure, it is a significant post in Western India.

Golden Bridge, Bharuch

Golden Bridge, Bharuch 50 Km

The golden bridge, renowned as Namrada Bridge, connects the city on the northern bank to Ankleshwar on the southern bank. Recognised for its architectural and engineering significance, the bridge is pivotal, providing tourists and locals with an enchanting view of the river and the landscapes.

Kabirvad Temple

Kabirvad Temple 65 Km

As the name suggests, this temple is dedicated to saint Kabira, a renowned name in the bhakti movement. This temple is located on an island in the Narmada River, accessible by boat, and attracts devotees by its tranquil surroundings.

Narmada Mata Temple

Narmada Mata Temple 60 Km

The temple dedicated to the goddess Narmada, associated with the river Narmada, is a significant Hindu temple in Bharuch. Devotees pay homage to Mtat Narmada and seek her blessings.

Narmada Park

Narmada Park 60 Km

Narmada Park, located on the river Narmada, is a famous place to spend leisure time with your loved ones. With walking paths, seating areas, gardens, and playgrounds for children, the park offers a relaxing experience to its visitors with a minimal entry fee.

Nilkantheshwar Temple Bharuch

Nilkantheshwar Temple Bharuch 55 Km

Nilkantheshwar Temple Bharuch

Swaminarayan Temple

Swaminarayan Temple 55 Km

Swaminarayan temple is dedicated to lord Swami Narayanis and is adorned with traditional Indian temple architecture and intricate carvings. The temple is one of the oldest temples of Gujrat.

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