Tourist Attractions In Tourist Attractions In Bhavnagar

Uncover the treasures of Bhavnagar's tourist attractions with a stay at our hotel, offering options to explore the city's best places.
Alang Shipping Yard

Alang Shipping Yard 40 km

One of the expansive yards known for dismantling decommissioned from around the world, Alang Shipping Yard is located in the town of Alang Gujrat. The main key feature of the yard is sustainable recycling and the complexities associated with shipbreaking.

Khodiyar Mata Mandir

Khodiyar Mata Mandir 15 km

A temple dedicated to goddess Khodiyarwho is considered an embodiment of power and compassion. Khodiyar Mata Temple is located in Kagvad near Rajkot in Gujarat, India. Traditional architectural elements in complex and vibrant atmospheres attract Pilgrims from various parts of the region to offer prayers.

Nilambagh Palace

Nilambagh Palace 12 km

Built in the 19th century as a royal residence, Nilambagh Palace is a beautiful example of colonial architecture and reflects the grandeur of the bygone era. This palace has been transformed into a heritage hotel and has become a tourist place in Bhavnagar.

Nishkalank Mahadev

Nishkalank Mahadev 20 km

Situated along the Arabian Sea coast, Nishkalank Mahadev is a tourist place near Bhavnagar. It is a Hindu temple dedicated to lord Shiva and provides a picturesque and serene setting to worship their devotees due to its unique location. Shivaling at the temple is visible only through low tides, making it unique from others.

Palitana - Jain Temple

Palitana - Jain Temple 50 km

Palitana, known as the city of temples renowned for its famous Jain temples, is a significant pilgrimage site for followers of Jainism. It is positioned at the top of Shatrunjaya Hill and takes 3800 stone steps to reach there. Thousands of intricately carved temples in the complex make it a must-visit tourist place in Bhavnagar.

RORO Ferry Travel

RORO Ferry Travel 19 km

A floating road is a Roro Ferry Travel, where vehicles can easily drive on and off the ferry. Roro ferries are fast and simple; people can board them with their cars.

Takhteshwar Temple

Takhteshwar Temple 12 km

Perched atop a small hillock, Takhteshwar temple, dedicated to lord Shiva, offers panoramic views of the city and the Gulf of Khambhat. The temple is known for its intricate carvings, traditional design, and sacred ambience. The tranquil setting and breathtaking view make it a popular tourist place in Bhavnagar.

Velavadar Blackbuck National Park

Velavadar Blackbuck National Park 40 km

Velavandar Blackbuck National Park is renowned for the significant population of blackbucks, and the park's expansive grasslands provide a habitat for the graceful blackbucks. Visitors can witness the Indian wolves, striped hyenas, nilgais, and various bird species in their natural surroundings. The conservation efforts and protection of endangered species make this one of the places to visit in Bhavnagar.