10 of the best foods you'll only find in lucknow

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More than meets the eye, Lucknow, the home of Awadhi cuisine, has to offer. Food is what keeps them going amongst the nawabi vibe and sluggishness that permeate this city. Lucknow is a glutton's paradise, with a vast variety of mouthwatering kebabs and mouthwatering sweets!

Tunday Kababi: In so many ways, this restaurant embodies Lucknow cuisine. Visitors to this location will never forget the flavor of these kebabs' distinctively spicy flavor for a very long time. The finest accompaniment for the meat is roomali rotis since it tends to disintegrate rapidly in the mouth.

Rahim's Kulcha Nahari: Picture succulent beef fillets wrapped inside freshly baked tandoori kulcha, simmered overnight in a marinade of unique spices. The Nahari kulcha is the second most well-known dish associated with Lucknow food and cuisine, behind tunday kebabs. You just need to picture heaven on a plate.

Ratti Lal’s Khasta: Khasta of Ratti Lal Rati Lal's Khasta Kachori is undoubtedly one of the best places to eat breakfast in Lucknow, which is nothing short of a Nawabi feast. The khastas are far superior to the Barras and Pooris that are offered here.

Prakash ki Kulfi: If you have a sweet craving, Lucknow food will never let you down. Prakash ki Kulfi is one of the main rivals in the dessert market.

Basket Chaat: A list of street foods would be incomplete without chaats. The acidic, flavorful, and spicy flavors are more than enough to satisfy your palate. Basket Chaat is yet another well-known dish from Lucknow's streets.

The Malai Makhan: This dessert, which is best referred to as cream butter, is produced from unsalted butter that has been hung in a bucket overnight and then whipped to achieve a creamy, airy texture. It becomes intoxicating when khoya is added on top.

Sheermal: Sheermal is a sweet naan that is made with milk or sheer. To balance and improve the flavor of the meal, sheermal is served with spicy curries.

Kulfi Faluda: This dessert, called kulfi faluda, is ideal for satisfying your sweet taste. It is widely known among both tourists and residents, and you can readily locate it on every street corner.

Veg Kebab Parantha: One of Lucknow's best dishes, Veg Kebab Parantha, is perfect for breakfast or even with a cup of tea. You will always remember the flavor of the soft rumali roti filled with crisp, enlivening kebabs.

Kachori: Both natives and visitors enjoy it as a breakfast option. Your stomach and your heart will be satisfied by the crispy Kachori served with deep-fried aloo sabzi and white chickpea sabzi. The ideal location to try these is at Ratti Lal's in Aminabad.



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