adventure delicious food at the best restaurants in lucknow for your food trip to the culinary capital of uttar pradesh.

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You will not hesitate to say yes when you are invited to a food festival or a night party at one of the best restaurants in the city. You love to try the different varieties of foods you have dreamed of and try different cuisines whenever you have the option. In this blog, we invite you to enjoy the wonderful experience of the best restaurants in Lucknow. 


Lucknow, the city of Awadh, is famous for its architectural prowess, best culinary heritage, and many more. Fall in love with the magic of Lucknowi nourishments. You can't resist the aromas of the biryanis, most desiring kebabs, Nehari Kulchas, and many more. Let's experience the great list of restaurants in Lucknow that welcome you with wonderful flavors.


Azrak- Lebua:


If you are planning to visit a royal restaurant that gives you the luxury and heritage of Lucknow's famous cuisine, then Azrak restaurant is the right choice. This fine restaurant is located at Lebua in Lucknow, and Azrak is one of the restaurants in Lucknow that serves the royal cuisines of Awadh, Hyderabad, and Rajasthan. Here you can end your dining experience with the sweetness of Firni, Sewain ka Muzafar, and many others.


Tunday Kababi:


The hundred years of glory which gives you the same taste of heritage in buffalo's meat is the Tunday Kababi. You will find 160 spicy flavors combined with delicious Tunde Kabab in this restaurant. You can also find royal cuisines of Mughals, Galawati Kebabs, Tandori, and many spicy blasts. Whatever you order at Tunday Kababi, the regal flavors will linger in your memory for the rest of your life.


Wahid Biryani:


Leaving a city without trying its most famous dish is considered a cardinal offence. You can't leave Lucknow without trying a plate or two of the city's delicious biryani. The word biryani has a synonym in the city of Lucknow: Wahid. This place of heritage for biryani, which began in 1955, has grown to become the pride of Lucknow and a name that every Lucknowite knows today. From biryanis to rotis, the restaurant will provide some of the most authentic Mughlai delicacies.




This is one of the beautiful restaurants in Lucknow that keeps the legacy of the culinary tradition of Mughal cuisine. This grand affair at Oudhyana brings you the most mouth-watering flavours of Awadh and Lucknow tradition. Oudhyana provides you not only with royal cuisine but also an excellent choice of cocktails for your dining. Feel the heat of spices and luxury at the Oudhyana restaurant when you visit Lucknow.


Spice Caves:


This is one of the restaurants in Lucknow that is a paradise for food lovers who wish to dine in a different environment. You will enjoy the unique ambience of cave interiors, which gives you more privacy to enjoy your food. From the starters to the main food courses, you can have veggies, non-veggies, desserts, etc. Spice caves will create an everlasting memory in your life.

The magnificent Awadh region is rich in architectural legacy and many other cultural traditions. Take a tour of Lucknow's interesting locations and palaces to witness the glories of creativity. If you're planning a multi-day journey, don't miss out on the luxurious accommodations, superb service, banquet halls, and other amenities at Lords Hotel, a perfect stay at one of the best hotels in Lucknow. Most importantly, try all the restaurants mentioned in the list each day. You will remember the names of restaurants and the city you visited forever.


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