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Nathdwara, a quaint town nestled within the vibrant state of Rajasthan, India, is a treasure trove of history, spirituality, and culture. This article takes you on an enchanting journey through time, exploring the remarkable heritage of this town, with a particular spotlight on the श्री Vallabh Vilas Lords Plaza Nathdwara, a hotel that encapsulates the spirit of Nathdwara in its grandeur and design.

Nathdwara: A Brief Overview

Nathdwara, meaning 'Gateway to Shrinathji', is a sacred town revered for its abundant religious sites and shrines. Located alongside the banks of the Banas River and cradled in the lap of the Aravalli hills, Nathdwara is a serene haven for pilgrims, art aficionados, and history enthusiasts alike.

Nestled in the heart of Rajasthan, the picturesque town of Nathdwara is a spiritual haven that attracts devotees and travelers alike. Known for its revered Shrinathji Temple, Nathdwara offers a serene and divine experience. Here are some of the top things to do in Nathdwara:

Visit Shrinathji Temple: The iconic Shrinathji Temple is the main attraction of Nathdwara. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, it is believed to house a sacred image of the deity. Witness the elaborate rituals, immerse yourself in the devotional atmosphere, and seek blessings at this revered temple.

Attend Mangla Aarti: Wake up early and be a part of the Mangla Aarti, the morning prayer ceremony at the Shrinathji Temple. Experience the divine ambiance as the temple priests offer prayers and hymns to the deity, creating a captivating spiritual aura.

Explore Rajsamand Lake: Located just a short distance from Nathdwara, Rajsamand Lake is a serene retreat surrounded by lush greenery. Take a leisurely stroll along the lake's promenade, enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, and witness the stunning sunset views.

Visit Dwarkadhish Temple: Pay homage to Lord Dwarkadhish, another prominent temple in Nathdwara. Admire the intricate carvings and architectural beauty of this temple while soaking in the spiritual energy that pervades the surroundings.

Shop for Pichwai Paintings: Nathdwara is renowned for its exquisite Pichwai paintings, which depict various scenes from Lord Krishna's life. Explore the local markets and art galleries to find these intricate and vibrant paintings that make for unique souvenirs.

Indulge in Local Cuisine: Treat your taste buds to the flavors of Rajasthan by sampling the local cuisine in Nathdwara. From traditional Rajasthani thalis to delectable sweets like ghewar and malpua, the town offers a delightful culinary experience.

Take a Boat Ride in Rajsamand Lake: Enjoy a peaceful boat ride in Rajsamand Lake and admire the scenic beauty of the surroundings. The gentle ripples of the water and the panoramic views create a soothing and refreshing experience.

Witness the Mewar Art at Shilpgram: Located near Nathdwara, Shilpgram is a rural arts and crafts complex that showcases the rich cultural heritage of Rajasthan. Explore the traditional houses, watch artisans at work, and shop for handicrafts, textiles, and pottery.

Participate in Festivals: Plan your visit to Nathdwara during festivals like Holi, Janmashtami, and Annakoot to witness the town come alive with vibrant celebrations. Experience the joyous atmosphere, cultural performances, and elaborate processions during these festive occasions.

Seek Serenity at Charbhuja Temple: If time permits, make a short trip to the Charbhuja Temple, located approximately 20 kilometers from Nathdwara. This ancient temple dedicated to Lord Vishnu offers a tranquil setting and architectural splendor.

Nathdwara is a destination that offers a blend of spirituality, art, and cultural experiences. Immerse yourself in the divine aura, explore the local treasures, and create cherished memories in this spiritual abode of Rajasthan.

The Quintessence of Nathdwara: Shreenathji Temple

The heart of Nathdwara throbs in the sacred premises of the Shreenathji Temple. This Vaishnavite shrine is home to the seven-year-old 'infant' incarnation of Lord Krishna, a deity originally worshipped in Mathura and later moved here in 1672 AD. The divine aura of this temple is palpable, and the beautifully sculpted black stone statue of Lord Krishna exudes an enchanting calmness.

Speciality: Predominantly a pilgrimage center for Vaishnavas
Location: NH 8, Shiv Nagar, Nathdwara, Rajasthan 313301
Nathdwara Temple timings: There are seven slots starting from 'Mangla' (5:45AM-6:30AM) to the final evening 'Arti' (5:15PM-6:00PM).


श्री Vallabh Vilas Lords Plaza Nathdwara: A Stay Like No Other

Bearing the essence of Nathdwara's rich heritage, श्री Vallabh Vilas Lords Plaza Nathdwara is a unique fusion of religious and leisure hospitality. This hotel, located adjacent to the Shrinathji Temple, offers easy access to the temple and a spectacular view of the town and the Aravalli Hills.

The Lords Plaza, spread across a sprawling 2 acres of land, is a marvel of immaculate grandeur and traditional style. Its luxurious interiors, eclectic modern design, and a multi-cuisine vegetarian restaurant make it an ideal choice for a comfortable stay in Nathdwara.

Check-in Time: 02:00 PM
Check-out Time: 11:00 AM
Total no. of Floors: 4
Total No. of Rooms: 32

A Tryst with History: Haldighati

Among the many historical places to visit in Nathdwara, Haldighati stands out for its significance. Known for the legendary battle where the braveheart Maharana Pratap took on the mighty Mughal army of Akbar, Haldighati now is a mountain pass in the Aravalis. Here, you can sense the indomitable spirit of the valiant Maharana of Mewar and see the cenotaph dedicated to his loyal horse, Chetak.

Speciality: Renowned for its historical significance
Location: Near Rakt Talai, Maharana Pratap Stadium Road, Haldighati, Khamnore, Udaipur, Rajasthan, 313322

Maharana Pratap Memorial: A Tribute to Valour

The Maharana Pratap Memorial is dedicated to one of the most inspirational, brave, and daring rulers of Mewar. This well-maintained museum houses impressive statues depicting the battle of Haldighati, life-like artwork, and a film about Maharana Pratap's life.

Speciality: Details of Haldighati war, light & sound show
Location: Maharana Pratap Memorial Road, Udaipur, Rajasthan 313001
Timings: 9:30 AM to 7:30 PM

Dwarkadheesh Temple: A Testament to Faith

The Dwarkadheesh Temple is another historical site in Nathdwara that provides a glimpse into Lord Krishna's life. This temple is a significant attraction for Vaishnavites and is known for its architectural excellence.

Shri Eklingji Temple: An Architectural Marvel

Considered one of the best places to visit in Nathdwara, Shri Eklingji Temple is a marvel of intricate architecture. This 108-temple complex is primarily dedicated to Eklingji and houses deities of Mewar Rajputs, Goddess Durga, Sun God, among others.

A Peek into Nathdwara's Heritage

Nathdwara's heritage extends beyond its temples. The town is also home to the craft village of Molela, known for its unique terracotta pottery. History enthusiasts can visit Haldighati, the famous battleground that witnessed the valour of Maharana Pratap.


Nathdwara is more than just a religious retreat. It is a gateway to a rich cultural tapestry, historical landmarks, and serene landscapes. Whether you are a devotee seeking divine blessings at the Shrinathji temple or a traveler yearning for a slice of history at the Haldighati, Nathdwara welcomes you with open arms. And at the heart of this experience is the श्री Vallabh Vilas Lords Plaza Nathdwara—an embodiment of Nathdwara's essence, offering a warm stay as you explore this historic town.


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