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In the picturesque Aravalli mountains of Rajasthan, India, lies the peaceful city of Nathdwara, which is revered by devotees of Lord Krishna. As one of Nathdwara's most iconic sites, Shrinathji Temple attracts pilgrims and tourists alike from around the globe seeking solace, spiritual enlightenment, and a glimpse of the divine. A combination of tranquility and hospitality is offered in the hotel accommodations in this city in a peaceful and comfortable setting. The city is not only famous for its religious significance, but also for offering a wide range of comfortable and luxurious hotels. We present a list of some of the best hotels in Nathdwara in this blog post, including the prestigious Lords hotels, which provide visitors with comfort and peace within this sacred site.


The Spiritual Haven of Nathdwara:


Lord Krishna's followers refer to Nathdwara as "The Gateway to the Lord". As a child, Lord Krishna appears at Shriaa Temple, the city's center of worship. The temple is also visited by pilgrims from around the world who seek blessings, pray, and experience the presence of the divine. It is an atmosphere of tranquility and devotion that is characterized by melodious hymns that praise Krishna.


Exploring the City:


Nathdwara is not only a spiritual site, but also offers many other attractions to visitors. Lord Krishna's life is depicted in the elaborate Pichwai paintings. It is possible to view these traditional artworks in several local galleries. There is a wide selection of fine handicrafts available in Nathdwara, including wooden toys, marble sculptures, and silver jewelry. A variety of exquisite souvenirs are available for visitors to take home, demonstrating the rich craftsmanship of the region.


Top Hotels in Nathdwara:


There are a number of comfortable and peaceful hotels available in Nathdwara for travelers to choose from during their visit. As part of the Lords Hotels group, a world-renowned hotel chain is located. Lords Hotels is not only known for providing modern amenities, but also for its warm and welcoming atmosphere. A brief overview of some of the Lords hotels located in Nathdwara is provided below:


The Lord's Plaza Nathdwara:


Located within walking distance of Shrinathji Temple, Lords Plaza Nathdwara is a divine and luxurious retreat for pilgrims and tourists alike. As well as offering elegantly designed rooms equipped with modern amenities, the hotel nathdwara offers its guests an unforgettable stay. A variety of delicious vegetarian dishes are available in the hotel's in-house restaurant. Due to its prime location and warm hospitality, Lords Plaza Nathdwara is a popular choice for those seeking a peaceful and spiritually uplifting experience.


Lords Inn Nathdwara:


In the serene surroundings of Nathdwara, Lords Inn is a peaceful haven of peace and relaxation. After a day spent exploring temples, the hotel offers well-appointed rooms that provide warmth and comfort. A variety of vegetarian delicacies can be enjoyed at the hotel's restaurant in nathdwara, while the hotel's bar provides a refreshing respite from the summer heat. With its attentive staff and serene ambiance, Lords Inn Nathdwara offers guests a memorable and blissful stay in nathdwara.


Lords Eco Inn Nathdwara:


Those who place a high priority on sustainability and environmentally conscious practices will enjoy the greener approach to hospitality provided by Lords Eco Inn Nathdwara. With their tasteful décor and modern amenities, the hotel's energy-efficient rooms offer a warm and comfortable retreat for weary travelers. Using locally sourced ingredients, delicious vegetarian dishes highlighting traditional Rajasthani cuisine are prepared in the hotel's in-house restaurant in nathdwara. Lords Eco Inn Nathdwara provides guests with a unique eco-friendly experience combining sustainability with green practices in order to ensure a peaceful and eco-friendly stay.


Lords Resort Nathdwara:


There is no better place to stay in nathdwara than Lords Resort Nathdwara, nestled in lush greenery and serene surroundings. Every room offers breathtaking views of the surrounding landscape and features spacious, well-appointed accommodations. A variety of recreational activities are available at the hotel, including an outdoor pool, a spa, and a fitness center. The resort's multicuisine restaurant offers a wide variety of vegetarian dishes. Its serene ambiance and luxurious amenities are sure to make your stay at Lords Resort Nathdwara an unforgettable one.


Lords Inn Kankroli:


Located in Kankroli, a suburb of Nathdwara, Lords Inn Kankroli is just a short drive from the town. Hotel guests can enjoy peace and quiet away from the hustle and bustle of the city at this hotel in nathdwara. In the well-appointed rooms of the hotel, guests will find a comfortable and elegant atmosphere, which is conducive to a relaxing stay. Our in-house restaurant serves a variety of vegetarian dishes infused with Rajasthani flavors. In the tranquil ambiance and warm hospitality of Lords Inn Kankroli, guests can enjoy a peaceful getaway from the city's bustle and hustle.




Nathdwara, the city of Lord Krishna, offers a unique combination of spirituality, tranquility, and hospitality. In addition to a peaceful atmosphere, there are a variety of comfortable, peaceful hotels, such as the acclaimed Lords hotels, that ensure tourists spend their time in a comfortable and peaceful environment. It does not matter what your interest in spiritual enlightenment or cultural heritage is, Nathdwara has something to offer everyone. For the best experience when visiting Nathdwara, it is recommended that you plan your visit well in advance


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