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The AVP Sales & Marketing will spearhead the development and execution of strategic sales and marketing plans, driving revenue growth and brand awareness. Responsibilities include overseeing all sales and marketing activities, establishing strong relationships with clients, and implementing innovative strategies to meet business objectives. The role involves leading a dynamic team, analyzing market trends, and identifying growth opportunities to maintain the company's competitive edge.

Drive marketing initiatives to elevate brand visibility and drive guest engagement. Responsibilities include developing and executing strategic marketing plans, managing campaigns, and analyzing market trends to maximize impact and achieve business objectives

Join our team as a dynamic Graphic Designer, dedicated to enhancing brand aesthetics and creating captivating visuals tailored for the hospitality industry. You'll craft both print and digital assets, ensuring brand consistency while collaborating closely with marketing teams to effectively showcase the hotel's distinct offerings to our valued guests

Dynamic Digital Marketing & Social Media Lead sought to elevate online presence and engagement in the hospitality sector. Responsibilities encompass devising and executing digital strategies, overseeing social media platforms, and leveraging data analytics for campaign optimization, ultimately amplifying brand visibility

Lead franchise expansion efforts, driving growth through strategic partnerships and successful launch initiatives. Responsibilities include identifying and securing new franchise opportunities, building strong relationships with potential partners, and ensuring successful franchise launches while adhering to brand standards and objectives.

Join our team as an Assistant Training Manager, facilitating and coordinating training activities to enhance employee development and organizational growth

Embark on a role as Revenue Manager to drive revenue and profitability in the hospitality sector. Key responsibilities encompass devising revenue management strategies, conducting market trend analysis, and executing pricing tactics to bolster profitability and achieve organizational objectives

Join our team as Executive Assistant, providing high-level administrative support and ensuring seamless operations for senior management

Join our team as a Credit Manager, responsible for assessing and managing credit risk while ensuring timely payments and maximizing revenue.

Seize control of hotel operations, meticulously overseeing financial objectives to drive profitability, while prioritizing guest satisfaction through personalized services and exceptional experiences. Uphold stringent standards by orchestrating comprehensive staff training programs, ensuring compliance with industry regulations, and spearheading innovative marketing initiatives to propel the hotel towards unparalleled success.

Take the helm in directing and supervising all facets of hotel operations, meticulously ensuring that every guest encounter is marked by seamless experiences. From the astute management of resources to the unwavering commitment to upholding impeccable standards, foster an environment where excellence thrives at every turn

Lead and optimize all aspects of food and beverage operations to deliver exceptional dining experiences, maximize profitability, and ensure compliance with standards and regulations

Lead front desk operations, optimize guest services, and uphold brand standards for exceptional guest experiences and efficient hotel operations

Execute culinary excellence at all levels, ensuring menu innovation, adherence to quality standards, and efficient kitchen operations for unparalleled guest satisfaction

Manage financial operations, ensure compliance, and provide strategic financial guidance for hotel group

Overseeing all aspects of restaurant operations, ensuring high-quality service, and maximizing customer satisfaction.

To assist the management in all activities relating to recruitment & selection, appraisals, collective bargaining and maintenance of discipline, personal records, payroll.

Monitoring & ensuring F & B service operations are running smoothly. Organizing duty roster of service staff. Cost control, inventory, Training Maintaining SOP for quality.

The steward will be responsible for tending to customers needs such as welcoming patrons, seat them at tables or in the lounge, and help ensure the quality of facilities and service.

To organize, control, maintain, record and issue as per the laid down procedures for all merchandize stored in the Hotel.

Seeking a Multi-Skill Technician to perform diverse maintenance tasks and ensure optimal functionality across various facilities

Deliver exceptional cleanliness and comfort to guest rooms as a dedicated Housekeeper

Lead housekeeping operations to maintain impeccable cleanliness and guest satisfaction in hotel rooms

Responsible for preparing and maintaining guest rooms to ensure cleanliness and comfort during their stay

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