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Corporate Social Responsibility


Corporate social responsibility is no longer a vanity project for companies. It has become a dire priority for business leaders all over the world. CSR has evolved to embrace not only ethical, but also non-commercial esponsibilities of businesses in relation to the society they conduct business in.

CSR implies the need for businesses to contribute to the communities and markets that have made them successful; consequently, companies must consider the wellbeing of society in addition to their oncerns for owners, investors and shareholders.

"Travel is the most powerful tools for promoting peace and cultural understanding."

Lords Hotels and Resorts CSR Activities

At Lords, we strongly believe in giving back to society and the community. We also believe that without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community. Hence, when it comes to CSR, we strongly echo the sentiment of following the hierarchy of society, environment and lastly profit.

We are committed in our duties towards society and the Environment.  We therefore regularly organize events and initiatives like Earth Hour, celebrating the World Environment Day, World Yoga Day, Blood Donation Campaign, Cleaning the City Drive, Labour Day, International Women’s Day, Helping the homeless and disabled children, Planting Trees and a lot more. We constantly thrive to add value to our surroundings to better the lives of people. As a permanent Activity, we have committed all our Hotels to collection of Donations for ‘Save the Children’ by placing their donation boxes on our reception counters. At our hotels, all donations are sent to them monthly.